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The smart city pass

that connects cities

City Butler offers pass solutions that save time and money and contribute to greater well-being.

Connect your city too.



  • Start with one card or pass

  • Add loyalty and promotions

  • Develop into a Smart City Pass


100% safe & compliant

  • Based on partner Dutch bank license

  • With third-party account for credits

  • Compliant with financial legislation

"Making city-life more fun

by increasing the well-being of its residents and businesses. "

Pass products

- to connect cities -

City Butler helps municipalities, cities and regions with solutions that save time and money and contribute to greater well-being. Start with a gift card or city pass for a specific target group and grow to a city-wide Smart City Pass. When you choose City Butler, you always have the option of connecting the different target groups.

City Pass

One personal (mobile) card with (pre-paid) credit and solutions for loyalty, transaction and promotion.


More about the City Pas

City Gift Card

A gift card that connects local retailers and offers the same possibilities as large e-commerce platforms.

More about the City Gift Card

BredaBespaarVoucher-MockUp_V1ab (1).png
Energie betaal voucher

Slimme stadspassen

Een slimme stadspas gaat verder waar een stadspas ophoudt. Een slimme stadspas voegt mobiliteit, parkeren, milieu, afval, evenementen, etc. toe met behulp van slimme technische koppelingen. Met deze slimme stadspassen helpen we gemeenten om door te ontwikkelen naar een mobiele marktplaats waar met de slimme stadspas app toegang gekregen en betaald kan worden.

Een slimme stadspas is toepasbaar voor het sociaal domein en duurzaamheid maar is ook  om breder in te zetten, o.a. voor social return, lokale loyaliteit, toerisme, etc.

Meer over slimme stadspassen

"Inspire, motivate and reward

to enhance well-being. "

Less poverty and loneliness.

Fitter and healthier. "

About City Butler

- Increase the well-being of cities and residents -

Smart City USPs.png

City Butler makes life in the city more fun by increasing the well-being of its residents and businesses. We do this with gift cards and card solutions that connect residents, tourists, companies, non-profit and the local government.


By connecting these different target groups with pass solutions, we are working towards a Smart City. We do this with programs that inspire, motivate and reward. In this way, together we create a city with sustainable connections that can combat loneliness and encourage behavior that enhances general well-being.


A city that is ready for an inclusive future, the real Smart City.


More about City Butler

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