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The Scheme for the Reduction of Energy Consumption of Homes in 2021

The national government has introduced the Reduction of Energy Consumption of Homes (RREW) Regulations to make tenants and owner-occupiers aware of their options for saving energy. The RREW is a continuation of the RRE in 2020, with the difference that tenants must also be involved in the RREW. The aim of the Energy Use Reduction Scheme is to encourage citizens to take small energy-saving measures at home. To achieve this, it is important that residents become aware of the options they can do themselves.

Doe het zelf Doe het duurzaam.png

Do it yourself. Do it sustainably!

The Do it yourself is to inspire, motivate and reward residents. Do it sustainably! approach developed. This approach has been developed by Milieu Centraal , the Climate Association, VWDHZ affiliated DIY stores and Communication Concert with Intersolve as transaction service provider and City Butler as implementation partner.


Our total approach consists of the following 8 elements:

  1. An RRE gift card to spend at DIY stores and hardware stores for specific sustainable products.

  2. Standard letters to be able to offer the RRE gift card to citizens.

  3. List of validated product categories, developed by Milieu Centraal.

  4. Clear instructions on how to do jobs.

  5. A checklist for citizens 'what can I do at home?'.

  6. Advice in the shop with all members of the VWDHZ.

  7. Instruction videos about measures and options and backgrounds.

  8. Toolkit basic communication material.

Advantages of this cooperation for the implementation of the RREW scheme

More sustainability with the same budget.

  • Self-service for residents, gift card to spend at local hardware stores.

  • Acceptance at the checkout at all known DIY stores affiliated with VWDHZ.

  • No need to worry about administration and financial settlement.

  • Total solution, including communication, project management and reports.

  • Proven higher utilization of the control compared to other versions.

  • A larger budget spent on sustainability, due to lower costs.

  • Stimulating the local economy by making money locally disposable.

  • No disappointment afterwards, the gift cards have a value (with expiry date)

Participating retail chains:


Financial & administrative processing provided

This solution uses Intersolve's proven transaction platform. Intersolve is the organization behind many well-known gift cards such as VVV, and Zalando. In addition, Intersolve implements the municipal regulations for dozens of municipalities with a city pass. Municipal schemes such as the minimum policy, tuition fees, informal care and many other schemes. Intersolve has an electronic money institution license from DNB and is supervised by the AFM. With the transaction platform and the experience of Intersolve, municipalities are assured of an approach that offers all certainties for the correct implementation of the RREW, both in terms of process and accountability.


Fill in one solution of your choice

It goes without saying that we offer a sustainable solution that only uses paper and cardboard with the FSC quality mark. Where possible, we communicate digitally and if the municipality wishes to apply a pass, we use a cardboard pass with FSC quality mark.


City Butler advises the municipality on the various options. Together we select the most suitable solution for your municipality. City Butler can then take care of the entire process including mailings, website and reports. Within this RREW scheme we offer municipalities the following options:

Option 1 | Letter with code

Residents receive a letter from the municipality with a barcode / card number printed on it. The resident must activate this code on a specially developed website so that the card receives the value and can be spent.

Option 2 | Letter with gift card and code

Residents receive a letter from the municipality with a cardboard gift card stuck on it. This cardboard gift card has a barcode / card number and is easy to carry. The resident must activate this code on a specially developed website so that the card receives the value and can be spent.

Option 3 | Pre-registration

Residents will receive a letter inviting them to register online. On a website developed for this purpose, the resident enters his or her data, then the code is delivered via one of the following 3 options:

  • a digital code sent by email, OR

  • printed a letter with a barcode / card number.

  • a letter with a cardboard gift card glued to it.

More information?

Would you like to know more about the possibilities for your municipality? Please contact us or leave your contact details and we will contact you.

Please contact us

Mark van Bommel

T 06 - 242 638 02



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