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About City Butler

The world is changing. Technical developments create many new possibilities. At the same time, these developments can cause distance and loneliness. We want to help cities to restore local connections. We restore the connections with new solutions that provide more convenience, simplicity and increased well-being.


  1. Technological developments provide remote connections, while the loss of connection with the people next to us decreases.

  2. Cities will have a greater responsibility to use technology in the interests of consumers.

  3. Technological developments create new possibilities, such as Smart Cities.

  4. For the successful development of Smart Cities, municipalities are still not cooperating sufficiently and existing ecosystems remain unused.

  5. Well-being replaces prosperity as the measure of our happiness.


New technological possibilities only gain real added value when they increase the well-being of a society. Cities can make a positive contribution to this by promoting a healthy lifestyle.


City Butler makes life in the city more fun by increasing the well-being of its residents and businesses. We do this with gift cards and card solutions that connect residents, tourists, companies, non-profit and the local government.


By connecting these different target groups with pass solutions, we are working on a Smart City. We do this with programs that inspire, motivate and reward. In this way, together we create a city with sustainable connections that can combat loneliness and encourage behavior that enhances general well-being.


A city that is ready for an inclusive future, the real Smart City is a Happy City.

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Our promise

The City Butler solutions provide:

  • The municipality in the directing role.

  • Cost reduction.

  • Encouraging behaviors that promote general well-being.

  • Solutions that comply with financial regulations.

  • Flexible and modular applicable solutions.

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